In field operations, you want to leverage all of the tools available to you to maximize efficiency. With SiteCapture’s latest features, businesses can optimize their operations, streamline communication, and enhance efficiency like never before. Here are five new SiteCapture features you should be using:

1. In-App Messaging: Bridging the Communication Gap

In-App Messaging is the latest SiteCapture feature. With In-App Messaging, you can bridge the communication gap between field staff and office teams in an instant. This innovative feature allows your team to chat in real-time within a project on the app, ensuring questions and issues can quickly be resolved at the job site. In-App Messaging takes field ops efficiency to an entirely new level by keeping everyone in sync and preventing on-site delays, all within the SiteCapture App. You can learn more about In-App Messaging and even see it in action here!

SiteCapture In-App Messaging

Markets and Regions: Enhancing Visibility and Organization

SiteCapture’s Markets and Regions feature provides another layer of insight, visibility, and organization by categorizing projects based on location. Users can filter project searches and categorize services and vendors by markets and regions, enhancing organization and streamlining operations. See our guide on Markets and Regions to see what it looks like inside the app.

Self Surveys and Inspections: Streamlining Data Collection

Take your survey and inspection processes to the next level with SiteCapture’s Self Surveys and Inspections tool. This powerful feature enables you to send customized forms, such as surveys or inspections, directly to the homeowner’s or resident’s smartphones for them to complete themselves. This eliminates site visits and saves time by offering you instant access to important data before ever stepping foot on site. With user-friendly template customization, you can tailor your forms to specific needs, ensuring accurate and efficient data collection by the homeowner every time. Get a full breakdown and watch a demo of one of the industry’s most advanced features here!

SiteCapture Self Surveys and Inspections feature

Estimating: Creating Accurate Estimates with Ease

Create accurate and comprehensive estimates efficiently in the field with SiteCapture’s Estimating feature. With line item estimating built right into the mobile app, users can capture site estimating details, automatically calculate line item costs and totals, and share estimates along with additional photos and data. Customize, manage, and group line items into related costs, then instantly convert subsets of line items into work orders or reports. See more about this feature by checking out our Estimating page

Example Photos: Improving Efficiency with Visual Guidance

Visual guidance is key to improving efficiency in the field, and SiteCapture’s Example Photos feature delivers just that. Customize your templates to include example photos next to fields that require a photo, to provide your field teams with a visual example of the type of photo you are looking for them to take. This helps your field teams make quick decisions, work faster, and become more efficient while ensuring your back-office teams are getting the exact data they need the first time. Check out our guide to see the inner workings of Example Photos!

SiteCapture Example photos feature

More New Features on the Horizon!

With these five new features, SiteCapture is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their field operations. From streamlining communication to enhancing data collection and organization, SiteCapture’s latest features empower businesses to stay ahead and achieve operational efficiency. And the innovation doesn’t stop there – stay on the lookout for many more new features to come including video, webhooks, new hi-res photo reports, and new native integrations to name a few. 

To have your team start taking advantage of these new features, schedule a demo with us today!