In this age of mobile devices, there’s an app for almost everything—from ordering a pizza to making bill payments. Now, there’s a simple and easy-to-use application to make running the operations of your real estate projects a breeze. SiteCapture is a mobile platform designed to help your team get quality data and photos from your properties anywhere, at any time.

The Traditional Approach to Data for Single-Family Rental Property Management

Receiving accurate data from your properties is crucial to effective management. In the past, collecting property data from the field was a scattered, inconsistent, and often incomplete process. The lack of reliable data and photos made it challenging to get the visibility needed to make critical decisions, manage costs, and ensure consistent work quality. 

A Modern Solution 

The SiteCapture application has solved this problem by letting you streamline and simplify your entire property data process with easy-to-use forms and photo-taking right within the app. Then, you can send the information you captured back to your head office in real time.

Use SiteCapture for All Your Property Data Needs

Whether you’re managing inspections on a new single-family rental property or the installation of a residential solar project, you need to collect, organize, and share data from your job site.


The real estate market in 2022 is still hot in many areas, with inventory low and demand high. Buyers must be ready to make a quick decision and an on-point offer. 

If your team is spending the day looking at potential properties to acquire for your SFR portfolio, they’ll need to collect photos, measurements, and other data fast. They’ll save time with SiteCapture’s standardized pre-acquisition inspections, evaluations, and initial scopes. Then, this info will sync instantly with the web app, giving you the data you need to make an informed buying decision immediately.


Once you’ve made a new property yours, you can shorten time to market with turn reports and high-resolution photos to represent your property in the best way possible. You can configure reports with the exact information you want to share, and then send them to agents or potential tenants with the click of a button.

Onsite Property Management

Your new tenant has signed on the dotted line and has the key to their new rental. Now, your company shifts into property management mode, ready to ensure your tenant’s experience is smooth and that your investment stays safe. You can simplify property management with ready-made—and easily customized—move-in and move-out forms, maintenance and repair requests, and property-walk reporting.

Standardize and Centralize Data Collection from Properties

SiteCapture will standardize and centralize any data gathered from the property and store it securely in the cloud. The application is so simple to use that even those who may not feel comfortable with new technology will soon be able to master the platform in no time. With SiteCapture, you can easily standardize your entire SFR property data collection process using intuitive forms and top-quality photo management.

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