Creating a standardized survey process across 9 offices

Manteca, CA

About 1st Light

1st Light Energy has been in business since 2004 providing alternative energy solutions to both residential and commercial communities. California-based, 1st Light Energy is a stable and growing photovoltaic (PV) systems installer and integrator.
“Before, guys were using phones and emailing pictures or putting them on a micro SD card and uploading on a laptop. No matter what we used, something was always missing or getting lost. SiteCapture eliminated all of that.”
Chris Walsh
Design Manager

The Situation

Over the years, 1st Light Energy hit a major growth phase. They ran into challenges with standardizing their site survey process and were in desperate need of a more streamlined process.
  • Team members were performing 2-3 hour site surveys collecting data in inconsistent ways
  • Surveyors would compile and send all of this information to their design team located sometimes 3,000 miles away

The Solution

1st Light Energy successfully implemented SiteCapture and standardized their survey process across all 9 offices.

  • Surveyors could build custom templates allowing them to create the exact forms they needed
  • Field workers could then automatically send their survey to the designers using SiteCapture’s platform

The Results

With 1st Light Energy, we were able to:

  • Provide an efficient solution for job site photos
  • Eliminate multiple job site visits due to poor quality information or assets lost in transit!

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