How A&R Solar Reduces Site Visits and Closes More Customers with SiteCapture’s In-Home Self Surveys

Tualatin, OR
A&R Solar In-Home Self Surveys Case Study

About A&R Solar

A&R Solar is a leading solar installation company serving residential and commercial clients in Washington and Oregon. With a focus on customer satisfaction and sustainable practices, A&R Solar has earned a reputation for its data-driven design, craftsmanship, and dedication to doing good for the planet. The company is a registered B-Corporation, demonstrating its commitment to ethical business practices and positive environmental impact. A&R Solar performs a wide range of solar installation services. They are known for their friendly consultations, thorough data collection, and reliable project execution and they’re constantly looking for innovative ways to improve operational efficiency while maintaining their high standards. The company's forward-thinking approach to technology and commitment to customer satisfaction has contributed to its success in a competitive industry.
"With SiteCapture In-Home Self-Surveys we've been able to attract and close significantly more customers during the pre-sale process. SiteCapture Self Surveys don't take long to set up or manage with easy-to-edit templates. Most importantly, our homeowners think it's easy, which helps us demonstrate the overall quality of our work and approach. From an operations standpoint, the amount of time we save on deal closings due to Self Surveys is massive. With job distances averaging 70-90 minutes of drive time for every employee, we’re able to eliminate site visits and hours of work time allowing us to close more deals, faster."
Michael O'Brien
Director of Sales

The Situation

A&R Solar, known for its commitment to sustainable practices and quality craftsmanship, was facing a challenge in its pre-sales process. The company sought a more efficient way to conduct initial site surveys and inspections while minimizing site visits. With an average drive time of 70 to 90 minutes to reach customers across Washington and Oregon, the traditional approach of sending field teams to perform pre-sales inspections was time-consuming and costly. 

  • Streamline the pre-sales process to reduce the number of on-site visits, lowering operational costs
  • Allow for accurate and detailed data collection without requiring field teams to be on-site
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing systems, such as Salesforce CRM, to ensure smooth data transfer and maintain a comprehensive project overview
  • Ensure a positive customer experience with user-friendly technology that aligns with the company's values and high-quality service

The Solution

A&R Solar turned to SiteCapture’s In-Home Self Surveys tool for a solution. This innovative feature provided the company with a method to conduct site surveys remotely, allowing customers to complete them on their own time without requiring field teams to visit the site. SiteCapture and its Self Surveys tool addressed several key challenges faced by A&R Solar, providing them with a flexible, scalable solution to improve their pre-sales operations: 

  • Create custom In-Home Self Survey templates for their pre-sales process that could be easily edited and tailored to each project's unique requirements. This flexibility allows the company to adapt to different types of projects, including residential, commercial, and battery storage installations.
  • Set up automated reminders that notified both customers and internal sales representatives when a survey was due or overdue to streamline communication, improve follow-up processes, and ensure timely survey completion.
  • Fully integrate SiteCapture with Salesforce CRM to allow seamless data transfer and tracking throughout the sales pipeline and help maintain a comprehensive overview of each project to improve internal workflows.

The Results

With SiteCapture, A&R Solar was able to:

  • Reach $50 million in company revenue by utilizing Self Surveys to facilitate a streamlined pre-sales process that enabled them to close deals faster and win more business.
  • Save over 850 hours in travel time by utilizing Self Surveys to eliminate the need for hundreds of site visits.
  • Achieve substantial cost savings because of the reduced amount of site visits needed, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively.

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