Integrating SiteCapture throughout the sales, project management, and operations pipelines

New York, NY
Dandelion Energy Team

About Dandelion Energy

Dandelion Energy is an independent, tech-forward company offering geothermal heating and cooling systems in the renewable energy space. Based out of New York, their team brings leadership as well as a commitment to mitigate climate change by making renewable technologies more accessible.
“A feature that we’ve found extremely useful, especially for our designers, is the report generation with full page high-res photos. It’s much easier for them to look at a high-res photo on a SiteCapture report rather than on their camera roll.”
Megan Anderson
Project Manager

The Situation

Dandelion Energy uses several technology platforms and applications to automate and streamline its entire project management processes.

  • Crews depend on virtual consultations and site surveys for gathering information
  • Installation phases utilize automated queues and tasks that are created through software like SiteCapture

The Solution

Dandelion Energy successfully integrated SiteCapture throughout their sales, project management, and operations pipelines.

  • The Dandelion Energy team store and organize photos and data, conduct site surveys, and complete essential commissioning forms in the SiteCapture app
  • Crews and ops managers rely heavily on the integrations between SiteCapture and HubSpot to access project information and track progress

The Results

With Dandelion Energy, we were able to:

  • Integrate seamlessly with their existing technologies to provide a cohesive project management approach
  • Implement a simple and repeatable process for collecting and organizing job site photos and data
  • Provide a platform that increases communication efficiency across field and office teams

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