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Austin, TX
Darwin Homes case study

About Darwin Homes

Darwin Homes is a residential property management company driven by technology with the goal of improving the rental experience for both owners and renters. Through their innovative ecosystem of technologies, they make life easy for owners and renters.
"I would absolutely recommend SiteCapture! It is a great tool. It's highly customizable and they are constantly rolling out new features. Their support team is also such a great resource. They are extremely responsive if you ever have any concerns."
Tyler Clay
Head of Field Operations

The Situation

Darwin Homes had been running into issues with their inspection process and were in need of an efficient inspection app.

  • Managers needed a simple and structured system to conduct property tracking, inspections, maintenance, and more
  • Teams were transferring project data and information across the country through multiple different applications

The Solution

Darwin Homes seamlessly implemented SiteCapture and was ultimately able to completely standardize its property inspection, tracking, and maintenance processes.

  • The user-friendliness of SiteCapture allowed Darwin Homes to quickly and easily launch the platform to the company nationwide without a need for engineering support
  • Managers can now easily highlight items and export reports as presentable PDFs for vendors

The Results

With Darwin Homes, we were able to:

  • Streamline their property management and operations processes from end-to-end
  • Save Darwin Homes valuable time by providing a simple and coherent application launch process to get a nationwide rollout to its teams quickly
  • Provide Darwin Homes with an all-in-one application to keep all project data, photos, and information organized and presentable

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