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Marietta, GA

About FirstKey Homes

FirstKey Homes helps renters find homes with space, privacy, and peace of mind. Located in Marietta, GA, FirstKey Homes is one of the nation's largest single-family owners and operators with a portfolio of over 50,000 rental homes across 27 geographical markets in the United States.
“We have done over 10,000 inspections with SiteCapture and our experience has been great. SiteCapture inspections have been essential to our business between documenting hurricane damage and evaluating thousands of properties for purchase across multiple states."
Jim Barker
VP of Field Services

The Situation

In the spring of 2017, FirstKey Homes was planning a major expansion increasing the number of rental homes in their portfolio from 6,000 to 18,000 in less than a year. One of the most significant challenges they faced was effectively scaling up their field operations to acquire and manage that many homes. 

  • Needed to perform complete and accurate diligence inspections to drive good purchase decisions
  • Needed to remotely manage the quality of the renovations and repairs of newly acquired properties
  • Needed to rapidly complete turns, capture marketing photos and prepare those homes for market

The Solution

FirstKey Homes quickly and efficiently implemented SiteCapture’s mobile field reporting platform because of its easy to use iOS and Android mobile apps, its flexibility to meet their wide variety of needs, and its robust API for integrating into their existing systems. 

  • Managers quickly convert pre-acquisition inspection into mobile ready forms
  • Regional managers create and assign inspections to its field staff in less than an hour allowing for inspection completion in the same day
  • FirstKey Homes IT team easily convert photos and data collected through the SiteCapture mobile app to backend systems

The Results

With FirstKey Homes, we were able to:

  • Save them hundreds of thousands of dollars through a data driven process that starts with accurate pre-acquisition inspections performed in only 20 minute
  • Get properties onto the rental market 3 days faster
  • Issue 1,100 damage reporting inspections in less than 24 hours after Hurricane Irma
  • Scale portfolio from 6000 to 18,000 properties in just over a year

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