Implementing an efficient photo and data collection process

Provo, UT
ION Solar with SiteCapture

About ION Solar

ION Solar is a premium solar supplier that provides solar installation services for residential homes in Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, and Virginia. As a full-service solar company, they provide a premium experience to their customers and use the highest quality solar and electrical equipment.
“With SiteCapture, job site photos don’t get lost and jumbled together. They’re not in some weird order in Dropbox you didn’t put them in. Everything is sorted nicely within the photo manager. SiteCapture really is an easy one-stop shop solution for all of our needs. It’s a time-saver that allows us to get everything done right then and there.”
Mike Webster
Operations Manager

The Situation

ION Solar’s process for collecting solar job site photos was consistently hindered due to technical issues with their technician’s mobile device systems.

  • When manually uploading their collected site information to Dropbox, employees with older iPhones and Androids would have consistent syncing problems
  • Once photos were actually uploaded, they always had to fish through Dropbox and find the photos they needed. Photos would constantly get lost

The Solution

ION Solar found out about SiteCapture through their corporate office and began using it years ago to make their job site photo collection process more efficient.

  • The simple SiteCapture setup process allowed for ION Solar to put a halt to their inefficient photo collection process immediately
  • All of the issues they were experiencing with taking photos were completely diminished with SiteCapture

The Results

With ION Solar, we were able to:

  • Provide an improved solution for collecting and storing job site photos
  • Save ION Solar a significant amount of time pre and post job site visit

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