Streamlining Commercial Solar Field Operations and Fueling Business Expansion: The O&M Success Story

Seattle, WA
Omnidian case study

About Omnidian

Omnidian was founded by solar industry vets in 2016. They're on a mission to protect and accelerate investments in clean energy through performance assurance. On the commercial side of their business they partner with solar developers, installers, asset owners, and operators to reduce operational costs and increase asset uptime. They do this through the use of proprietary monitoring and boots-on-the-ground preventative and corrective maintenance, working with partners (solar technicians) that complete preventative maintenance surveys and remedy system issues. Today, Omnidian is responsible for the oversight of over 1,500 Megawatts of energy generation.
"With SiteCapture, we were able to configure fully custom preventative maintenance forms that were more user-friendly for our field users and generated more detailed reports that in the end, provided more value to our clients."
Jessica Gibbon
Director of Portfolio Operations

The Situation

Omnidian was focused on efficient scaling, with a vision to expand its business across the United States. They recognized the need for a revamp and an improvement to the current workflows and processes built on SiteCapture in order to scale more efficiently and delight their clients. Their objectives included:

  • Enhance preventive maintenance forms and client-facing reports
  • Improve data accuracy and flow between field and office teams
  • Scale operations while maintaining quality standards
  • Drive business growth

The Solution

Jessica Gibbon, Director of Commercial Portfolio Operations at Omnidian, brought this challenge to Amicus O&M Cooperative, another SiteCapture user, where they collaborated closely with SiteCapture to rebuild and test their preventive maintenance forms with new robust features to meet the O&M industry’s unique requirements. 

Omnidian took the solution a step further, iterating on their unique version of the SiteCapture form to build out an efficient check-in and check-out flow within the form along with customized PDF reporting for their clients across the nation. Omnidian worked closely with SiteCapture to develop new innovative functionalities:

  • A streamlined site visit check-in and check-out process, improving transparency and accountability with geolocation, time, and date stamps.
  • Custom-built summarized and detailed PDF reports for Omnidian's clients, enhancing the value of the service provided.
  • A more user friendly and comprehensive Preventative Maintenance survey that leads to more surveys completed correctly the first time, saving time, and truck rolls.

The Results

With SiteCapture, Omnidian has been able to:

  • Onboard 75+ partners since August 2022, setting the stage for geographical growth across the United States.
  • Leverage the lessons learned from preventive maintenance projects to diversify service offerings, catering to diverse client needs such as PV completion reports, acute system maintenance, landscaping, and module washing for larger commercial clients.
  • Complete over 1900 projects in the past year, utilizing SiteCapture to collect and transmit field data in real time. This streamlined approach saved 400+ hours per month on-site as well as considerable resources on each project.

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