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Hoboken, NJ
PV Pros with SiteCapture

About PV Pros

PV Pros are a nationwide leader in operations and maintenance and provide independent engineering services for owners, investors, and asset managers of solar and storage systems.
“SiteCapture’s whole process, and the templates, have made everything really fast. It’s cut down our technician’s field service reporting time by 75% and consolidated 90% of our prior process.”
Jesse Waters
Director of Operations

The Situation

PV Pros had been running into several issues with their field reporting deliverables.

  • Job site assets were spread out across multiple applications, documents, dropbox folders, emails, etc
  • Technicians needed an easy way to capture and upload information from their job sites, to an online portal

The Solution

After PV Pros implemented SiteCapture about 3 years ago, it solved about 95% of their administrative and organizational challenges.

  • Employees now have one repository for field service reports
  • SiteCapture has given employees full visibility into the data that technicians are reporting while also allowing them to better manage subcontractors and vendors

The Results

With PV Pros, we were able to:

  • Cut down the technician's field service reporting time by 75%
  • Completely eliminate in-office administration
  • Get rid of an extra 4 hours of work per site visit

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