Implementing a streamlined inspection and operational process

San Francisco, CA
Vacatia case study

About Vacatia

Vacatia is an innovative hospitality company reinventing the timeshare experience across discovery, booking, and stay. They continually enhance their customer experience at every touchpoint, enabled by technology and fueled by passion. Founded in 2013, Vacatia is a venture-backed company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.
"We were able to categorize each and every individual thing that needed to be assessed which saved us a ton of time in the long run. In addition, one of the best things about SiteCapture is the support team. They're extremely responsive. You never have trouble getting ahold of someone and you don't have to go through multiple support tickets."
Miky Kuo
Operations Manager

The Situation

Vacatia was renovating a set of properties and needed an effective and time-saving process for taking inventory of each unit’s condition.

  • 54 units needed to be evaluated – four per building, townhome-style – each with two bedrooms, two baths, and a kitchen
  • Most of the Vacatia team members worked remotely

The Solution

Vacatia quickly and successfully implemented SiteCapture and immediately made their property inspection and operational processes more efficient.

  • On-site teams can now categorize and organize each individual item that needs to be assessed for back office remote teams to review in real-time
  • Back office office remote teams now can instruct onsite inspection teams unit-by-unit in a precise and streamlined manner
  • Managers can generate spreadsheets to organize and assign an estimated repair/replace costs to each line item

The Results

With Vacatia, we were able to:

  • Build out Vacatia’s unique template exactly as needed for their specific rental inventory project
  • Save Vacatia countless hours and eliminate numerous property site visits due to unorganized and inefficient inspection and operational processes
  • Provide a seamless solution for generating 54 detailed reports that include photos

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