In the second episode of SiteCapture Live, Kamal and Robin dive into a topic that can significantly transform the way field operations are conducted in the industry: “Completing Site Surveys and Inspections without a Site Visit.” In this episode, Kamal Shah, the founder and CEO of SiteCapture, along with Robin Droppa, the VP of Sales and Customer Success, discuss the challenges associated with sending someone on-site to capture critical data and photos and demo one of SiteCapture’s most unique feature set that offers a solution allowing you to complete site surveys and inspections without a site visit.

Introduction to SiteCapture

SiteCapture is a software company that has been dedicated to streamlining field operations for over 12 years. With hundreds of companies using the technology, SiteCapture provides a reliable, robust mobile and cloud software platform designed to streamline operations saving time and money. Critical industries like solar, construction, and property management leverage SiteCapture to improve their field operations including field-to-office communication, site documentation through custom forms and templates, custom workflows, and report generation. Companies can centralize entire field operations on the SiteCapture platform which includes native mobile apps for iOS and Android, a web-based application, and an API for integration with existing systems. In addition, our customer and support teams work with businesses from day one to ensure success at every stage of implementation and roll-out so companies can see real impact, real fast.  

The Problem: Time-Consuming Site Visits

The problem addressed in this episode revolves around the need for critical data and photos from job sites, properties, or customers without a physical site visit. Sending someone on-site is time-consuming, expensive, and often inconvenient for both the company and the residents. The scheduling of site visits can be challenging, and some residents may prefer not to have strangers visiting their homes.

The Solution: Self Surveys and Inspections

SiteCapture’s solution to this problem is the implementation of self-surveys and inspections. This feature set allows companies to send customized, branded forms via email to residents or customers, enabling them to complete surveys and inspections using their smartphones. The process is straightforward – the resident receives an email link, opens it in their mobile browser, and follows step-by-step instructions to answer questions and take photos. The data and photos are immediately uploaded to the cloud, providing the company with instant access to critical information without the need for a site visit.

Self surveys and inspections

Live Demo with Robin

The episode includes a live demonstration by Robin, showcasing the simplicity of setting up and sending out a self-survey. Robin demonstrates the process using a solar industry use case, where a homeowner is asked to perform a site survey before a scheduled installation. The demo includes sending out the survey, receiving responses, and reviewing the collected data and photos.

Customization and Template Editing

Robin also demonstrates the flexibility of SiteCapture’s platform, allowing users to customize and edit the templates according to their specific needs. The template editor is user-friendly, similar to working with familiar tools like Microsoft Word. Users can edit questions and instructions, and even add new fields. This customization ensures that companies can tailor surveys and inspections to their unique requirements.

Response Rates and Completion Rates

Towards the end of the episode, Kamal and Robin address audience questions, one of which is about response rates. While individual response rates may vary based on factors like email open rates, Robin notes that completion rates for those who click the “Get Started” button can be exceptionally high – often ranging from 95% to 98%.

Wrapping it All Up

The episode concludes by highlighting the positive outcomes observed by SiteCapture’s customers using the self-surveys and inspections feature. In summary, SiteCapture Live’s second episode provides a comprehensive overview of how self-surveys and inspections can revolutionize field operations, making data collection efficient, cost-effective, and resident-friendly. The live demonstration and Q&A session add practical insights and further emphasize the user-friendly and customizable nature of SiteCapture’s platform. You can watch the full live stream here.

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