With the solar industry’s rise in popularity, demand for solar installations is higher than ever. Site surveys are one of the first and arguably the most important steps for a new project. Gathering roof, array, and electrical data, precise measurements, and high-quality images are pivotal for speedy and quality installation. But you know that. You also know that the traditional way to do site surveys is often costly and inefficient. Luckily, the solution to the problem is in the tools.

With the right solar site survey tools in your arsenal, your team can streamline costly and time-consuming site visits, bringing down overall expenses and increasing your bottom line. Here’s what all the pros are using to perform their solar site surveys:

Digital and Real-Time Forms

In most cases, when solar site surveys are performed, field teams use paper forms to collect all the data they need. From time-to-time, those forms may not have all the fields needed to complete the survey effectively and can easily get lost or damaged in transit. Additionally, office admin or the surveyors themselves have to manually enter the data they collected into their database once they arrive back at the office, which is very time-consuming. As a result, surveyors are now turning to digital mobile forms that can be customized and filled out in real-time. With digital platforms, like SiteCapture, solar site surveyors don’t have to utilize paper forms to complete their surveys. SiteCapture gives field teams the ability to customize their digital forms to include everything they’ll need to collect data accurately from the job site on a mobile device. The data collected from your surveyors in the forms are instantly sent to the cloud and stored in your SiteCapture portal online. This means the surveyors don’t have to manually enter the information into your database after collecting it and it also allows your team to access all job site data from anywhere, in real-time.

High Resolution Images

Typically, when solar teams are performing site surveys, the data and photos are collected and stored in all different ways, which can be inconsistent and inefficient. Whether it’s capturing this data through digital cameras and storing it on SD cards or using old cell phones and emailing pictures individually, there’s a better way to accurately capture any data needed. And that’s through the use of a mobile app.

The most sophisticated sales organizations and solar companies are now using SiteCapture’s mobile app to take high-resolution photos on the job site. The app not only takes high-res pictures but it also automatically stores and categorizes them in real-time for anyone to easily access. All data collected in centralized, reducing any chance of assets being lost – which could result in additional trips to the job site to recollect data. With SiteCapture’s mobile app, you’ll collect quality data the first time around, every time.

Aerial Roof Measurements

Another solar site survey tool that pro surveyors are utilizing is aerial imagery. The solar industry is starting to move away from the need to climb on roofs to take measurements and are now using companies like Eagleview to use aerial images to do this instead. There is no longer a need to put your team at risk or guesstimate hard-to-reach measurements.

Aerial imagery provides the finest of details to provide the best insights about any structure; including roof measurements and sunshade analysis. In fact, Eagleview is known for its accuracy in roof measurements. Fortunately, SiteCapture integrates directly with EagleView so you can capture all of the data from your job site then order your EagleView reports and get measurements without having to leave the SiteCapture app.

SiteCapture Has All the Solar Site Survey Tools You Need

If you’re ready to use the essential solar site survey tools that the pros do, SiteCapture has everything you need. SiteCapture simplifies how solar and construction companies capture and organize job site data and photos in real-time, all from one place. The mobile app and web portal streamlines your administrative operations by allowing you to create custom forms, collect and store job site data and photos, assign tasks to team members in the field, and receive real-time updates as tasks are completed.

This means no more tracking down missing photos or important data and returning to the job site to collect it all again. Solar companies all over the country are using SiteCapture and optimizing their site survey process.

Want to start using the solar site survey tools the pros use?