Field Communication

Drive productivity with fast and easy communication between the field and the office.

Real-time communication between the field and office

Data at every step of the project

From button and dropdown selections to barcode scanners and text input, use the field type you need to capture every piece of data in the field and sync it back to the office in record time. 

Share photos instantly

Give your office team access to high-resolution photos and image meta data in real-time directly from the mobile app.

Every photo includes an image timestamp, GPS location and additional meta data.

Chat with your team in real-time

Communicate from the office to the field and back with instant site and project level communication. 

Never lose the thread while capturing every chat detail in the cloud. 

Get things started, schedule a demo

Submit your information to start the process and schedule a live 30-minute demo to see how SiteCapture streamlines field ops for construction companies like yours.

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