It seems in this day and age of mobile devices that there is an app for everything: from ordering a pizza to making bill payments. Now, there is a simple and easy-to-use application to make running the operations of your real estate and construction projects a breeze. FotoNotes is a mobile platform designed to help your team get quality data and photos from your properties, anywhere, by anyone, at any time.

The Traditional Approach to Property Data

Receiving complete and accurate data from your properties is crucial to effective management. In the past, collecting property data from the field was a scattered, inconsistent and often times incomplete process. The lack of good data and photos made it difficult to get the visibility needed to make key decisions, manage costs, and ensure the quality of work being done.

A Modern Solution to Quality Property Data, for All.

The FotoNotes application has solved this problem by enabling the ability to streamline and simplify your entire property data process with easy-to-use forms and photo taking right within the app. All information captured from the field will instantly be sent back to your head office, all in real-time.

Use FotoNotes for all your Property Data Needs


Make better buying decisions with standardized pre-acquisition inspections, evaluations and initial scopes.

Construction and Renovations

Streamline any construction project with easy to create estimates, daily job reports and simple project tracking.


Shorten time to market with turn reports and high quality photos you can use to represent your property in the best way possible.

Property Management

Simplify property management with move in and move out forms, maintenance and repair requests, and property walk reporting.

Residential Inspection Report

Standardize and Centralize Data Collection from Properties

FotoNotes will standardize and centralize any data  gathered from the property and store it securely in the cloud. This application is so simple to use, even those who may not be completely at home with new technology will soon be able to master this impressive platform in no time at all. Just think, with FotoNotes, you can easily standardize your entire process for property data collection using intuitive forms and quality photo management, that any one of your team members can use from anywhere.

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