SiteCapture is the all-in-one mobile and cloud-based platform to optimize and streamline your field operations. Trusted by thousands of companies in the Solar, Property Management, and Construction industries, including Omnidian, Sunrun, Roofstock, and Divvy Homes, SiteCapture offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance efficiency in your operations so you can save you time and money on every job. Here are key features that will help you get started and make the most of SiteCapture.

Mobile Field Data & Photo Capture

With the SiteCapture App, you can easily capture all the critical data and photos for every job on your mobile device. Our app ensures that all photos contain tamperproof metadata to verify where, when, and how they were taken. In addition, you can customize your survey, inspection, and other data collection templates to ensure all information is captured quickly and accurately the first time, eliminating the need for repeat site visits. Read about our newer feature, In-Home Surveys and Inspections here to learn about how this next-level feature is specifically built to reduce site visits and save you time on your jobs.

SiteCapture photo capture site survey

Job Site and Property Containers

With Job Site and Property Containers, you can manage and store all the work that happens at each location in a simple-to-view, organized setup that has the full history of every site visit. This streamlines organization for projects across different sites and properties to save you time when capturing data. For example, you can track the status of all your projects and retain a full history of each survey, inspection, estimate, work order, and report associated with a property or job site. When creating work within a Job Site or Property Container, it’ll automatically copy over all of the critical job site information so you don’t have to waste time reentering data. You can learn more about Job Site and Property Containers here.

SiteCapture Property Containers

Work Management

SiteCapture makes it easy to create, assign, and manage work. You can set priorities, due dates, and more for any type of work quickly and assign it to field staff. From there you and your team can manage work with customizable views and dashboards, and easily review and track the progress of all work, including associated photos and data. This simplifies reviewing and traking projects so you can have more time to focus on the work that matters most. Learn a little more about the SiteCapture Dashboard and how it helps you and your team manage and have a bird’s eye view of all your projects here.

Photo Management

Our powerful photo management tool allows you to store and manage thousands of photos with ease. You can review, organize, flag, and edit photos, and verify timestamps, GPS locations, user device types, and all other metadata on every photo in the SiteCapture App. When you take photos in SiteCapture, they are automatically organized and saved to the cloud so you don’t have to spend time going through a cluttered camera roll to upload pictures and send them to different parties. Check out our guide on viewing and editing photos here.

SiteCapture photo edit and management

In-App Messaging

With In-App Messaging, your team can streamline all communications by messaging directly from the app. In-App Messaging allows your team to chat in real-time within a project on the app, ensuring questions and issues can quickly be resolved at the job site. This enhances team collaboration and eliminates costly mistakes and delays. In addition, the full message thread history is saved directly on the project allowing your team to search and reference these project-specific communications at any time. This prevents miscommunication and loss of data and information which in turn leads to faster job completion. Check out this short video to see our team give a quick demo of this new feature.

SiteCapture in-app messaging

User & Vendor Management

SiteCapture allows you to seamlessly loop in your team and your vendors. You can easily create and manage users and vendors while specifying roles and permissions for admins, managers, customers, and field staff. For vendors, you can track additional information, including services provided, regions covered, insurance details, and other compliance information. In addition, vendors are provided with their own vendor accounts, where they can create their own users and sub-assign work. You can add your own vendors or, with a single click, connect with any of the vast number of vendors already using SiteCapture. Learn more about adding and connecting with vendors here.

Integrations & API Management

SiteCapture keeps things easy by fitting right into your workflow. Between our native integrations, our Zapier App, and our powerful RESTFUL API, SiteCapture integrates with virtually anything so you can seamlessly connect SiteCapture with all of your existing apps, enhancing operational efficiency. Explore more about our integrations here.

sitecapture integrations

Start Enhancing Field Operational Efficiency

SiteCapture is designed to bring transformative efficiencies to your field operations. Our comprehensive suite of features ensures that you can streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and improve productivity, ultimately saving time and money on every job. 

The SiteCapture platform is not only easy to use but also incredibly powerful in helping you manage your field operations more effectively. Start your free trial today to get started! Already sold? Start diving into our features and begin to see the difference SiteCapture will make in your field operations!