The Rising Popularity of Residential Solar Batteries 

As homeowner demand for residential solar batteries rapidly increases, SiteCapture has introduced two new templates designed to ensure all information needed for smooth installation and maintenance can be collected easily and accurately for our solar customers.

Demand for power outage resilience, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact has surged in recent years, and solar batteries are becoming an essential component for residential solar installations. In 2023, 13% of U.S. residential solar installations included storage, and the Energy Information Administration estimates this number could increase to 25% in 2024. 

These batteries maximize the value of solar panels by allowing homeowners to store energy and use it for backup power during outages and electric vehicle charging, and to offset higher nighttime utility rates in states like California. Homeowners with solar battery storage systems are also eligible for the Inflation Reduction Act tax credit expansion of up to 30%.

Read on to learn how SiteCapture’s new solar battery installation and maintenance templates help you streamline your field operations as your work evolves.

New Solar Battery Installation Template

In order to help businesses streamline battery installation, we’ve built out a fully customizable Battery Installation Template. The Battery Installation Template is designed to simplify and document the entire installation process, ensuring all critical aspects are captured accurately so you can save time on the job. This new template allows for:

  • Pre-Installation Photos: Capture and provide essential pre-installation photos to document the initial state of the site.
  • Complete Install Documentation: Ensure photos of crucial areas such as the utility meter and breakers are captured to guarantee all necessary components and its data are accounted for.
  • Dynamic Field Groups: Seamlessly add one or more batteries, detailing their attributes, and collect photos of the installations. This ensures a comprehensive record of each installation.

This template can be used as a standalone tool or integrated into a job completion report for the entire solar installation. This flexibility ensures that all necessary information is captured and organized efficiently, facilitating a quicker and smoother installation process.

SiteCapture Battery Installation Templates

New Solar Battery Maintenance Template

SiteCapture has also built out a fully customizable Battery Maintenance Template to help businesses optimize battery maintenance. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that solar batteries operate efficiently and effectively. The Battery Maintenance Template includes:

  • Battery Inspection: Photo and data document the condition of batteries in detail with ease, ensuring any potential issues are identified early.
  • Dynamic Field Groups: Photo-document any issues identified during inspections, providing a clear record of what needs attention and when.
  • Testing: Record the results of various tests conducted on the battery to ensure it’s functioning optimally and efficiently.

By utilizing this template, you can reduce time spent on the job by making it easy for your field crew to capture and maintain a detailed and organized record of all maintenance activities.

SiteCapture Battery Maintenance Templates

Streamlining Solar Battery Installation and Maintenance

At SiteCapture, we’re committed to helping solar installers streamline their operations so that they can provide the best service to their customers. With our new robust templates, you can establish efficient, accurate, and well-documented solar battery installations and maintenance activities to ensure the longevity and reliability of the solar battery systems you install. 

Schedule a demo today to see how you can start leveraging SiteCapture’s new solar battery installation and maintenance solutions to enhance your solar field operations.