Completing an accurate field installation documentation process is an important part of any solar or construction project. Many times, field installation documentation can be hindered due to the lack of an efficient data collection process, which results in wasted time and money. Luckily, tools like SiteCapture exist to solve that very problem.

SiteCapture is a web portal and mobile app that allows for field teams to collect all the information they need while on a job site in real time, while also allowing back-office teams to keep everything organized in one place for analyzing and reporting. With a simple app, you can improve and simplify your entire field team process from beginning to end.

Here’s a close look at how SiteCapture works:

Get Started with Form Customization

Get Started with Form Customization

Once SiteCapture is in the palm of your hands, you can hit the ground running with custom built forms. Get started using SiteCapture’s out-of-the-box forms or create your own custom templates that include all the unique information you require your teams to collect while at a job site.

Quick Tip

If you decide to customize your templates, a best practice is to test them for efficiency before assigning them to any projects for your team to start using. Doing this will give you good insight into how to make the template the most effective for you team.

Head to the Field to Collect Data

After your forms are set up the way that you want them, your team is ready to use them out in the field. While at the job site, your team can capture and store high resolution photos right from the SiteCapture app and quickly enter in all job site data in real-time.

Use a Simple App

SiteCapture makes collecting field data incredibly simple for your field team by being mobile-friendly. The SiteCapture app is available for download across all Android and iOS platforms, so anyone has access to it right from their phones or tablets. The interface is very intuitive, so it’s not confusing at all to navigate from one step to the next while filling out any needed information.

Take High Resolution Photos

Job site photos are an integral piece of any field installation documentation. If the photo collection process isn’t optimal from the start, field teams may have to return to a job site multiple times to accurately collect what they need.

With SiteCapture, field staff can use their phones or tablets to take high resolution photos and automatically store them in one simple place, eliminating the possibility of them getting lost or damaged. The photos are virtually stored in the SiteCapture Photo Manager and can be organized or sorted however you need. They can also be cropped, brightened, rotated, and annotated on directly from the mobile or online app!

Get the Data Entered Fast & In Real-Time

With SiteCapture’s functionality being completely digital, data entry is much faster for your whole team. No more clipboards, paper forms, camera SD cards or illegible handwriting. Field teams can easily fill out any required fields on their phones and that data is instantly synced and shared with any necessary parties to view job status in real-time.

Head to the Field to Collect Data

Put the Data to Work

Now that all the required information has been accurately collected by your field team in one simple place, you can put the data to work with SiteCapture’s reporting and integration capabilities.

Generate Professional Reports

With all the data that your team captured in the field with your custom forms, you can easily create professional and company branded reports with just a single click of a button. Whether you want to send a customer a report or use it for internal purposes, you’ll have a tidy PDF with all the necessary information at your disposal, including detailed meta data with GPS location, elevation, azimuth, date and time.

Integrate with Other Applications

Not only can you create beautiful reports from the data collected with SiteCapture, but you can also make data transfer seamless across all the apps you use on a daily basis. SiteCapture integrates with thousands of cloud-based applications such as:

  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Job Nimbus
  • Outlook / Gmail
  • Dropbox / Google Drive / Box
  • Calendars
  • EagleView
  • And so many more…

The SiteCapture team will even setup your integrations for you at no additional cost.

Start Saving Time and Money with SiteCapture

With the help of SiteCapture, you can streamline the way your team collects and organizes data, saving a significant amount of time and money on every job. Companies all over the country are using SiteCapture and seeing their field team processes improve dramatically.