Quickly gathering accurate data about your real estate and construction projects is a crucial step in any effective management process. In the past, we were at the mercy of poor data collection processes which consumed an excessive amount of time and were inaccurate and incomplete. SiteCapture is the solution to this madness. Now, you can collect fast and accurate property data and photos in just a matter of minutes, all from a simple-to-use mobile app. So optimize your time on the job site by collecting and consolidating data in real-time, the first time, with SiteCapture.

Here’s how you can get started:

Getting Started!

You can use SiteCapture out of the box or customize it to match your specific workflow forms and reports.  

Custom Smart Forms

SiteCapture allows for easily customizable smart forms that support all data types. Templates are easy to build and modify to best suit your rules and procedures. You can generate forms that are most effective for your project on site and in real-time.

Estimation Report

Ready to Head Out? 

Once you have gotten the forms set up, you’re ready to start collecting data. Field staff members are now easily able to complete forms and capture photos of the job site. 

Mobile Friendly

SiteCapture works across Android and iOS platforms and is so incredibly user-friendly that anyone can use it! The app even offers speech-to-text capabilities and operates offline allowing the user to collect photos and signatures with just a few taps. SiteCapture allows you to submit results from the field instantly to your office, saving you time and sanity.

Fast Data Entry

The job site forms you create are available via your mobile device, offline or online. Once on the site, workers can then fill out the required fields in the form. That data can then be shared with the necessary parties to help fill out the work order. Even when they’re in an area with spotty cellular service, you can still get the job done. Your data and photos will instantly sync and send once you’re in an area with cellular or WiFi coverage. 

Powerful Photo Management

All the photos are consolidated in your form and stored in your SiteCapture Photo Manager, giving you the ability to organize and sort them as needed. You can instantly recall the work order and its corresponding photos with all of their details including timestamps, GPS information, upload details, and more. This means that the information collected will never get lost in an antiquated system. Editing options include crop, brighten, rotate, and annotate from the web or mobile app.

Got What You Need? Now you can use it.

Now that you’ve got all of your data and photos in the cloud you can use SiteCapture reports, exports, and integrations to put that data to work.

Create Reports

Now that you have all the data from your efficient smart forms, beautifully branded reports can be generated with just the click of a button. Once created, you have a beautiful PDF report that you can share with your customers, or your internal teams such as operations, finance or sales.

Connect with Other Apps

You can export all of your data into spreadsheets or integrate into thousands of other cloud apps such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Quickbooks and more.


The Bottom Line

SiteCapture is the most efficient way to collect quality data and photos for your business. For as little as $20/month, SiteCapture can help you reduce the margin for error with job site data transfer and save time and resources for all of your projects.