On November 15, SiteCapture kicked off SiteCapture Live, a livestream series aimed to provide a wealth of insights that would include topics ranging from expert demonstrations of the SiteCapture platform to in-depth conversations with customers or industry leaders. The inaugural episode, “How to Eliminate Repeat Site Visits with SiteCapture,” delved into a pervasive issue faced by solar installers, property managers, and construction professionals. The livestream, facilitated by SiteCapture CEO and Founder Kamal Shah, featured Robin Droppa, SiteCapture’s VP of Sales and Customer Success, who delivered a comprehensive demonstration that showcased how SiteCapture’s advanced features can streamline operations and save money by eliminating the need for repeat site visits.

Key Highlights

SiteCapture, a mobile and cloud software designed for field operations management, has garnered recognition over its decade-long existence. Over the past decade, SiteCapture has served thousands of companies, contributed to over 700,000 projects, and currently has over 1 billion images stored, all the while reaching the solar, property management, and construction industries.

During the livestream, Robin showcased SiteCapture’s capabilities from the perspective of both an administrator on the desktop and a field user on a mobile device. The demo emphasized the platform’s intuitive design, emphasizing the importance of required fields, example photos, and conditional logic to guide field staff through the data collection process seamlessly.

The livestream engaged viewers actively, incorporating a Q&A session towards the end. Questions ranged from the functionality of push notifications to the nuanced details of photo quality requirements. The transparent and informative responses demonstrated SiteCapture’s commitment to customer engagement and satisfaction.

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Eliminating Repeat Site Visits

Throughout the livestream, Robin and Kamal highlighted four key areas where SiteCapture excels in eliminating repeat site visits:

User-Friendly Mobile Apps

SiteCapture boasts easy-to-use mobile apps for both iOS and Android. These apps empower field staff to capture essential data directly on their smartphones, streamlining the data collection process regardless of the job type.

Customizable Forms

The platform provides flexibility with form capabilities, allowing users to create tailored forms for every job and client. These forms include required fields and photos, ensuring that all necessary data is captured before leaving the job site on the first visit.

Real-time Data Syncing

Unlike traditional methods involving manual data entry and post-site compilation, SiteCapture’s mobile app ensures real-time data syncing from the job site to the cloud. This instantaneous transfer enables office-based teams to review the work before the field staff leaves the site.

In-App Messaging

A groundbreaking feature unveiled during the livestream was SiteCapture’s in-app messaging. This real-time communication tool facilitates swift interaction between on-site staff and management, addressing issues on the fly and avoiding the need for repeat visits. You can watch the full livestream, “How to Eliminate Repeat Site Visits with SiteCapture,” here.

Looking Ahead

SiteCapture’s features strive to make a transformative impact on the industry, ushering in an era where repeat site visits become an anomaly rather than a norm. In our next livestream, we’ll be taking the idea of eliminating repeat site visits to the next level by demoing and discussing in-home self-surveys and inspections; a feature that puts the site surveys and inspections in the hands of the resident or homeowner so you can retrieve essential data without even visiting the site.

Click here to register for SiteCapture Live Episode 2, taking place on Wednesday, December 13th at 10 AM PT.