Only 25 percent of construction projects are completed on time.

The remaining 75 percent are ridden with delays, unexpected problems, and poor management, and this is where daily construction reports can help.

Construction reports provide regular updates on how your project is coming along. You’ll be able to spot and prepare for problems before they occur, allowing you to prevent delays. 

So if you’re interested in experiencing these benefits, read on.

Below, we’ll talk about the impact of daily construction reports while showing you how you can implement them today!

Overview of daily construction reports

A daily construction report is a quality control report that documents the progress of your construction project.

You can see if your project is on schedule, and if you expect delays, you can try to avoid them before they become too serious.

So if you’re interested in creating a daily construction site diary, consider adding these types of information:

Task progress: Project information is the most essential part of a construction report. It basically reviews the progress of various departments, such as roofing, walling, foundation, and plumbing.

Materials and equipment used: You also want to record all the materials, equipment, and tools you’re using in case there’s a dispute after the project is complete.

Weather report: We suggest documenting the weather by adding picture and video reports of harsh conditions like snow or rain. This will help verify why there was no construction work done on that day.

Impact of daily construction reports on project management

By sending daily construction reports to your clients and stakeholders, you positively impact project management in multiple ways:

  • Improved communication and coordination
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • More accountability and transparency

Improved communication and coordination

When clients and stakeholders are constantly getting progress updates, it improves communication and coordination. 

You can easily see if there’s a delay coming up and once you’ve identified what’s causing it, feel free to make changes. If there’s nothing you can do to avoid a delay, notify clients beforehand so there are no surprises.

Enhanced decision-making

Daily construction site inspection reports provide statistics on what’s working and what isn’t. 

This insight allows you to make better decisions. For example, if you notice that some departments are understaffed and this is causing delays, you can hire more workers.

More accountability and transparency

Construction site documentation enhances accountability from employees and subcontractors. 

You’ll be able to see which employees are most productive and who needs additional help. If some subcontractors are taking too long to deliver materials, you can simply go with another partner.

You also improve transparency because you can explain project progress to clients so it’s easy to understand. Since clients might not have in-depth technical knowledge, these daily reports will give them an understanding of what’s happening.

Utilize daily construction reports with SiteCapture

Daily construction progress reports log everything that happened on the construction site during a workday.

This allows you to spot inefficient and potential delays, boosting client satisfaction and project efficiency

So if you’re interested in experiencing these benefits for yourself, consider construction management tools like SiteCapture.

Our lightweight mobile app lets you keep track of everything that’s happening on the construction site. This includes field staff, deliveries, contractors and deadlines. 

From here, you can use our templates to create daily construction site updates within seconds and update your organization. Sign up for a free SiteCapture trial today!