No matter your industry—solar, single-family residential, or construction—you know the challenges of managing teams across job sites. Technology helps, but when you start to amass a substantial tech stack, navigating your software products can get a little messy.

That’s where integrations come in, making sure your apps can talk to each other to keep your processes running smoothly—and eliminating the need for you to enter the same information in multiple places. 

Software to bridge the apps

With Zapier’s automation technology, you can sync SiteCapture with the rest of your business applications in an accessible, low-to-no-code way. 

In the past, if you added data to one app, you’d have to enter it manually into your other apps. With Zapier, you can create trigger events that spark actions: if X happens in one app, Y will happen in another. In other words, it does the tedious work for you and keeps everything running smoothly in your workflow. We did a full livestream where we dove into the SiteCapture and Zapier integration, showing off some of the best ways teams can use Zapier and SiteCapture to save time and money on every job. Check out the summary of that livestream here.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of some common apps you can integrate with SiteCapture:

Google Drive

Say you’re inspecting a job site or rental property. You complete the inspection and update the project status. Need a copy in the client’s project folder in Drive, too? No problem. Zapier will do it automatically, so you don’t forget to do it later. 


You’ve captured a new lead in your Salesforce CRM platform. Great! If you’ve set that as a trigger, you can create an action to create a new project in SiteCapture. Without any extra work on your part, you’ll be ready to roll with your new client’s project.


You’ll often need multiple stakeholders to sign off on projects or contracts. Create a Zap that to automatically request a signature via DocuSign when you set the project status to “complete” in SiteCapture.

Even more integrations

With Zapier, you can connect to even more apps—nearly 100—that you regularly use for marketing, billing, CRM, and data management. Create integrations with Google Calendar, JobNimbus, MailChimp, Podio, Quickbooks, Slack, Zoho, and more. 

Still not seeing what you need? You can access our RESTFUL API to build out additional integrations.

If you’re ready to see how SiteCapture can work seamlessly with your existing tech stack, sign up for a demo today.