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SiteCapture Live is a monthly livestream series that brings together SiteCapture experts, customers, and industry leaders to tackle everything from our most unique features to thought-provoking industry-driven discussions.

Episode 1

How to Eliminate Repeat Site Visits with SiteCapture

Streamed live Nov 15, 2023

Join SiteCapture CEO & Founder Kamal Shah and VP of Sales & Customer Success Robin Droppa to see how SiteCapture makes it easy to capture field data and photos and learn how to leverage SiteCapture’s customizable templates and forms to ultimately eliminate unnecessary job site visits.

Episode 2

Completing Surveys and Inspections without a Site Visit

Streamed live Dec 13, 2023

Join SiteCapture CEO & Founder, Kamal Shah, and VP of Sales & Customer Success, Robin Droppa, to learn how SiteCapture customers have saved time, money, and headaches through our unique Resident Self Survey and Inspection feature that allows you to get the data and photos you need directly from the homeowner or resident.

Episode 3

How to Easily Connect with Your Other Cloud Apps

Streamed live Jan 24, 2024

Join SiteCapture CEO & Founder, Kamal Shah, and Partner at Outliant and long-time SiteCapture partner, Rob Schmidt, to learn about SiteCapture’s integration capabilities and see real-world examples of customer implementations. Integrating SiteCapture with your other cloud apps such as Salesforce, Dropbox, and Slack allows you to maximize your SiteCapture use cases and significantly improve field operational efficiency. With integrations, you automatically and instantly get data from your other apps into SiteCapture and vice versa.

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