For single-family rental (SFR) property managers, field inspections of rental properties can often be time-consuming and frustrating. 

You want to ensure you don’t miss anything important before handing over the keys—both for the tenants’ sake and your own. Verifying everything is in good working order makes life easier and more comfortable for the tenants—and helps you prevent minor issues from becoming significant safety hazards and potential liabilities. 

SiteCapture helps you check off every item on your list and save time in the process. The easy-to-use mobile application and cloud platform let you perform field inspections more efficiently, so you can manage multiple properties with ease.

With SiteCapture, you can: 

Customize your checklists

SiteCapture, available in both an iOS and Android version, offers a variety of templates you can easily customize to fit your exact checklist items. Our mobile forms also allow for conditional fields. If your inspectors find an issue, the app can prompt them to answer additional questions. 

Organize (and add info to) photos 

Gone is the cumbersome method of inspectors taking photos with their phone cameras and uploading and organizing them later. With SiteCapture, you can take high-resolution images with timestamp and GPS information—and automatically insert them in the relevant portion of the inspection checklist. The app even lets you add notes about possible issues you find so that you can capture your thoughts right then and there.

Sync automatically

Sometimes you’ll have a move-in inspection in areas with spotty Internet. Happily, SiteCapture doesn’t rely on an Internet connection. You can use it when out on a job site, and then the app automatically syncs information back to the cloud for your office team to review. 

Generate reports

Once you have all the data and photos you need, it’s easy to configure custom reports from templates. Want to provide potential tenants with the information they need—and the maintenance company or lenders with other details? It’s simple with our digital reports feature. With a click, you can generate reports to save or share. 

Everything SFR Property Managers Need

SiteCapture saves your field teams time and stress—making it easy to capture, organize, save, and share essential data. 

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