From a nonprofit to SiteCapture, Kane has focused on helping others grow

Nonprofit and tech seem like two very different sectors. And at face value, they are.

But Lauren Kane has always had a passion for helping others—a trait that has served her well across both industries.

Now at SiteCapture, a mobile and cloud solution for streamlining property field operations, Kane uses her expertise to make the client experience as smooth as possible. 

In her role as Manager of Solutions and Customer Success, Kane helps customers optimize their usage of SiteCapture’s tools and templates. 

Developing a marketing background

Kane started out doing fundraising and development for a children’s nonprofit in her home state of Florida. 

At the time, she was actually still in school. After graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Media and Communications Studies from Florida State University, she started looking for jobs.

She held a few different positions before she ultimately landed at an aerial imagery and cable flyover inspection company.

“I was doing marketing and customer success for them and one of our partners was SiteCapture,” she explains. 

Kane spent some time getting to know the SiteCapture team, including CEO Kamal Shah and Robin Droppa, Vice President of Solutions and Customer Success. Together they collaborated on a couple of webinars. 

Later, Kane moved to Hawaii, which meant she had to leave her previous job. Shah reached out and offered her a position with SiteCapture.

“My husband is actually in the Navy,” she says. “So we move a lot. I’m able to work remotely with SiteCapture wherever we go.” 

Helping customers achieve success

Kane has seen her role and responsibilities shift in the five years she’s been at SiteCapture. 

When she originally started, she was focused on the company’s trials and a bit of marketing. Since then, she has found herself working more directly with customers on the single-family rental (SFR) side of things. 

“Primarily I partner with Robin and work on solutions and customer success,” she explains. 

Kane’s day-to-day work involves setting up custom templates for clients and working with them to customize their SiteCapture portals for their workflows. She is also involved in onboarding and retention for SFR customers. 

“I’m working with [customers] continuously to ensure SiteCapture is meeting their needs as they grow.”

When asked about her favorite part of her job, Kane doesn’t hesitate. “I love working with the customers, and I love all the customers. I won’t say I have any favorites,” she laughs. 

And though working with customers is fun, Kane is happy to invest time in other aspects of her position as well. 

“I also love occasionally doing the heads-down solutions work on templates,” she says. “It’s sometimes nice looking at a client’s physical template form and thinking how do you transfer that to a template in SiteCapture.” 

To keep things interesting, SiteCapture is always creating new templates and features for customers. One of Kane’s personal favorites is the Managed Items tool. Kane appreciates how helpful this feature is for the customers she aims to please. 

SiteCapture’s Managed Items feature allows the customer to better organize, manage, and report field data captured at job sites. It has proven especially useful in the SFR space for estimating. 

“We’re just seeing so many of our SFR clients growing and utilizing that tool,” she says. “We’ve gotten such positive feedback, and it’s really helping [clients] manage their scopes and break them down individually.”

Making time for herself

When Kane is not helping SiteCapture customers, she’s busy maintaining an active lifestyle. She especially enjoys working out. “I’ve kind of become a Peloton addict lately,” she confesses. 

On nice days, she often opts for outdoor exercise instead.

“We’re in Central California, so when the weather’s not too hot or too cold, we like to go hiking,” she says. 

Sometimes she is accompanied on hikes by her rescue dog, Loki, a terrier-shepherd mix. 

“I spend a lot of time with my dog,” she admits. “I love dogs and volunteer at the SPCA when I can.” 

Kane adopted Loki from the SPCA about three years ago, and she is impressed by the amount of energy he has. 

“He’s very talkative and loud and overall energetic and a little crazy,” she laughs. 

While Kane loves hanging out with her dog, she also needs some quiet time. When she is hoping to unwind, Kane turns to books, especially thrillers. 

“A recent favorite of mine is called Long Bright River by Liz Moore. I really enjoyed it. It’s a thriller but also about addiction and the opioid crisis.” 

Ultimately, Kane is hoping to find herself reading on a beach somewhere by year’s end. 

“I’m excited to hopefully travel,” she says. “I’ll be celebrating my 10-year anniversary, so I’ll be traveling to somewhere on the coast. I can’t believe it. Time flies!”