FotoNotes Acquires SiteCapture to Create Leading Field Ops Software Platform

Two of the leading field operations platforms have announced they’ve joined forces. 

“On September 12, 2022, FotoNotes, a mobile software provider for residential property field ops, announced that it has acquired SiteCapture, a field ops platform in the Solar industry. The combined entity will be called SiteCapture, to reflect the company’s full product offering.”

The acquisition positions SiteCapture, which is based in Oakland, CA, to become the leader in field operations mobile and cloud software, bringing you time and cost savings. 

Kamal Shah, founder and CEO of FotoNotes, will continue as CEO of SiteCapture, while Christopher Doyle, founder of SiteCapture, has joined the board of directors.

“FotoNotes and SiteCapture are long-time partners, achieving substantial success in our respective industries,” said Kamal Shah, CEO of SiteCapture. “This is the natural next strategic step in our mission to deliver the best field operations software platform for Solar, Residential Property and other field-service intensive industries.” 

SiteCapture eliminates inefficiencies in capturing and managing critical data and photos on every field service job—which means you need only one application to manage your full range of field activities. 

Specific benefits of SiteCapture’s offerings include: 

  • Meets the entire lifecycle of field project needs and requirements. SiteCapture isn’t a one-and-done fix; it’s a comprehensive, all-in-one, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to help you from initial property inspection to ongoing maintenance.

  • Cuts time and costs. With SiteCapture’s easy-to-use app, teams become more efficient, spending 75% less time in the field. In addition, the software drives down costs by 10-20%.
  • Scalable and configurable. In today’s market, it’s hard to hire—and even harder to grow and expand without specialized field operations software. With SiteCapture, it’s easy to scale from 5 to 5,000 users, creating simple and repeatable processes for your teams to capture site data accurately the first time.

Christopher Doyle, former CEO and Founder of SiteCapture is particularly excited about how the technological implications the acquisition will have for solar customers. 

“We launched SiteCapture to help streamline and lower costs in the solar installation process,” Doyle said. “The combined entity will bring even better technology to the solar industry to further support our founding mission of improving solar processes.”

The SiteCapture software streamlines all solar operations, including Site Surveys, Commissioning, System Installations, and O&M (operations and maintenance).

On the residential field ops end, customers appreciate the app’s intuitive interface and comprehensive features that allow for easy collaboration.

“Here at Darwin we use [the software] to complete all of our Turn & Renovation inspections from resident move-out to move-in,” explains Ashley Whitaker, Head of Turns & Renovations at Darwin Homes. “The app is intuitive and easy enough for our field operations team to utilize with an iPad while being comprehensive enough for our Turn Project Managers to use in the office. We love SiteCapture and the team that supports both the app and us at Darwin in our endeavors.”

With the combined tech and experience of FotoNotes and SiteCapture, the new SiteCapture will offer advantages to those in property management, construction, single-family residential real estate, and other field services industries.

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