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  • API integration
  • Professional services
  • Dedicated account manager


20 users / $35 per additional user
Our pricing plans are changing June 15. See the new pricing.
Features included in Premium
API Integration
Use our API for more custom integrations to allow you to integrate with virtually any other system.
Dedicated Account Manager
Gain access to a dedicated SiteCapture team member for support on any account needs.
Phone Support
Access direct support to our team during business hours via phone.
Professional Services
Access professional services from the SiteCapture team including custom build-outs on templates and more.
Plus all the features included in Professional
Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
User-friendly iOS & Android mobile app to streamline operations from the field.
Web App
Robust web application for your office staff providing end-to-end project oversight and management.
Customizable Templates
Full template customization to ensure all project photos and data are captured quickly and accurately the first time.
Work Management
Create and assign any type of work quickly to field staff and easily manage, track, and review all progress.
Photo Management
Capture, organize, edit, caption, annotate, review, flag, and download photos directly from the app.
Have complete oversight of all job sites, projects, and communications from one place.
Email Support
Complete access to our support team via email to help resolve any account issues.
Help Center
Access to our deep knowledge base of how-to guides and articles on different features and functionalities.
Property Containers
Enable top-down data sync from a single property to all related work enhancing collaboration and organization.
Capture site estimating details and automatically calculate line item costs and totals directly from the mobile and web app.
Create highly configurable, custom, PDF reports that show all field-level details needed to delight your customers.
vendor management
Full management of vendors from the app enabling seamless collaboration between you and your vendors.
Markets and Regions
Seamlessly categorize and filter projects by different locations enhancing project visibility and management.
Data Views
Filter and organize data by specific criteria and save to a "view" allowing teams to reference specific data anytime.
Zapier Integration
Connect SiteCapture to thousands of apps including CRMs, messaging apps, and file storage platforms with Zapier.
Salesforce Integration
Connect SiteCapture with Salesforce to allow your data to seamlessly sync and stay up to date.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is a monthly subscription that is charged at the time you initially sign up for a package. Any additional users will be prorated and charged immediately.
Yes you can cancel anytime via the billing portal within your admin system or by contacting the SiteCapture team directly at

User: A User is an individual that has a user license within your SiteCapture account. Based on their role of admin, manager or field user, they have set permissions that allow them to log into the mobile app or web app under your account, and have direct access to the projects that are assigned to them or shared with them. Each individual user that is using the software must have their own unique username/password login – logins cannot be shared amongst different individual users.

Vendor: A Vendor is a third party organization who is connected to your account and to whom you can assign work. Vendor companies will have their own sub-account attached to your site via a vendor connection and they will have the same types of permissions as your field users.

This allows them to instantly receive the work you assign to them and they can then sub-assign the work to their own internal users.

Each paid User/Vendor includes 30 projects per user.

We offer 3 packages, Basic, Professional and Premium, all of which can scale up to as many users/vendors as you need. We will be happy to discuss custom pricing if you expect user/vendor count to eclipse 200.
Standalone project pricing is not available, as you are required to sign up for one of the base plans listed above. However, you can add Consumer Inspections to your plan, which are charged on a per project basis. Those are sold in tiers, and then per project when you eclipse a tier. Ex: sign up for 150 projects per month and you are billed on a monthly basis for that tier. If you go over 150, you will be charged for each additional project on a per project basis.
  1. Consumer Inspections are a way for organizations to send inspections, surveys and any other work directly to an onsite representative who is not part of your SiteCapture account. This can be a homeowner, a resident or someone else who is at a property or job site and has access to a WiFi connection.
  2. The work requested is delivered via an email link which will open on the recipient’s mobile device with instructions on how to complete and capture the info and data from the field. This works from their web browser so constant internet connectivity is required.
  3. Consumer Inspections are an add on feature and sold in tiers, and then per project when you eclipse a tier. Ex: sign up for 150 projects per month and you are billed on a monthly basis for that tier. If you go over 150, you will be charged for each additional project on a per-project basis.
  4. Pricing is based on the quantity you believe you will be sending out on a monthly basis.
If you need to switch, upgrade or downgrade packages you may do this anytime via the billing portal or contacting your Site Capture Account Executive.

​​Yes, all user types are paid users regardless of the permissions that their user has.

No, all users are billed at the same price regardless of their role.
Users are counted on a monthly basis for the billing period. Any user you add to the system will automatically incur a prorated charge for that user. Any users that you cancel prior to your renewal date (date monthly subscription started) will be canceled on that date and prorated for the time used. Each pricing plan comes with a fixed minimum number of users. You will always be billed at least that amount. However, you can add users at anytime up to any number of users that you need.

A vendor connection is used to identify 3rd parties that you would like to be able to share and assign work to. They are able to receive projects and can create projects (if given access) using your customized templates. A vendor connection can also be used to connect to existing SiteCapture accounts.

The cost for vendor connect is the same as a cost for a user within your tier.

In the case that you are creating a new vendor, that vendor account will come with 4 users (1 basic admin & 3 field users to which the basic admin can sub-assign work) Vendor connections are only available on Professional, Premium or Custom plans for the cost of an additional user on that plan. If your vendor account requires more that 4 users, they will need to upgrade to a paid account.

SiteCapture offers different integrations based on the package you choose. Basic Account Does not provide Integrations. Professional Account Access to Zapier integrations. Zapier is a technology-to-technology, no code integration platform. It allows you to connect SiteCapture with over 4,000 other applications in order to create workflows and get the jobs done in a timely manner, removing the need for manual input of information. Premium Account
  • Native Integrations (Salesforce)
  • RESTful API
  • Pass to your tech team to build out direct integrations

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