In the following post, SiteCapture’s CEO and Founder, Kamal Shah, sits down with SiteCapture’s marketing team to give a 2023 company year in review, as well as provide an outlook for 2024 and beyond! Read on to see the conversation and Kamal’s insights.

Q: What were the key product highlights from the past year?

A: This past year, we focused on making things easier for our users and added features and enhancements that made it easier for them to do their jobs better and faster. Many key product highlights include powerful new features in the mobile app. For example, features like example photos help users take the correct photos, in-app messaging improves real-time communication between job site and back-office teams, and several other features add visibility into the syncing process, providing users confidence in knowing all their data from the job site is synced.

Q: How has the company focused on enhancing customer experience and satisfaction over the past year?

A: We always make our best efforts to put customer needs first, and this year, we emphasized improving the initial experience for new customers. We’ve added more direct personal interaction with customers to the onboarding process, providing improved training and more touchpoints to help customers shorten their “time-to-value” with the product. Our goal is to get our customers up and running as quickly as possible so that they can start getting real business value out of the product. We want to be there every step of the way to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for the customer.

Q: Can you share any notable customer success stories from this past year?

A: There were many customer success stories from this year, but one notable story was with one of our key solar customers, Omnidian. It was compelling enough that we met and interviewed them to hear their full story and turn it into a really impactful case study. Over just a few months of working with Omnidian, they were able to leverage SiteCapture in a unique way that saved their team over 400 hours per month on projects, completed over 1,900 projects in 2023, and onboarded over 75 new partners.

Q: How would you describe the company’s position in the market now compared to at the beginning of the year?

A: In the solar market and property management, especially SFR property management, our position has strengthened, and we believe we have truly established ourselves as leaders in those markets. We’re proud of the continuous progress we made in 2023, even though it was a tough year for both of those markets. We’re excited about where we’re headed in 2024 as we continue to build on everything we’ve been doing.

Q: Have there been any shifts in the competitive landscape?

A: 2023 was a challenging year for startups and SaaS software, and because of that, we haven’t seen a lot of new entrants in the industries that we serve. It’s actually been more of the opposite, with a few competitors dropping out of the market completely due to economic challenges.

Q: Have there been any changes in the team structure or key new hires?

A: We’ve been fortunate to keep growing and add more amazingly talented people to our team. One of the great new hires in 2023 was bringing on a seasoned Director of Marketing, Janelle Noble Donovan. Janelle is a great fit for the team and has some amazing past experience in the field service industry. We’re excited to have her on board. We’ve also made several essential new hires to the product development team. The product dev team is awesome, and they continue to help deliver on our product roadmap every day. We’re always adding people with experience in our target markets to work closely with our customers and make sure they are successful with the product and that it’s delivering value.

Q: What were some key lessons learned from challenges faced during the past year?

A: In a challenging year like 2023, one thing we quickly learned was how important our focus on customers is to long-term success. When our customers go through challenging times, we are able to be there and help and guide them through it. It feels rewarding to be able to have an impact when it counts. We had a solid growth year; however, we didn’t see the exponential growth that we’ve seen in the past. That being said, it was amazing to see how well our team worked together to collaborate and ensure we achieved our core business goals.

Q: What are you most excited about in 2024?

A: Our customers are companies that make a real impact on people’s lives. These companies provide families with quality places to make a home. They work to provide alternatives to fossil fuels and reduce the growing impact of climate change while powering people’s homes and cars. With the shifting economy, those companies are going to be able to have an even greater impact in 2024, and I’m excited that we get to be part of that. In 2024, as we continue to grow, SiteCapture will have an even bigger impact on the industries we serve, our customers, and most importantly, on the people who benefit from those services.