Role of construction field reports in project scheduling and planning

It is time to plan the construction project you just landed

How can you better manage teams, weather realities, and supplier issues and use software to help you get the job done better and faster?

Introducing construction field reports.

Collecting photos and data and organizing it into construction field reports will give you an idea of how long it takes to complete certain tasks, allowing you to create a more accurate project plan for your client

Let’s dig a little deeper into how construction field reports can make your life easier.

Understanding construction field reports

Construction field reports are updates that help you keep track of your construction project’s progress.

The reports include details such as:

  • The different stages of your construction project
  • Important site photos and data
  • The progress of individual teams
  • Any delays that are pushing back progress

We recommend looking out for these types of information:

  • Work performed
  • Material needed and ordered
  • Labor hours
  • Estimated and actual costs
  • Before and after photos
  • Payments received
  • Weather conditions
  • Issues encountered

Software that is purpose-built for work performed on-site allows you to easily stay organized and efficiently scale your business. With SiteCapture’s prebuilt templates and workflows, it’s easy to collect that information and share it back with the team.

Role of construction field reports in project scheduling and planning

It’s almost impossible to know how your construction project will play out; you simply can’t predict the future.

But what you can do is use reports from previous and current projects to help you build a realistic timeline.

In addition to planning a project, managing a budget is critical. By implementing construction reports that detail costs by item that you may need during a project lifecycle, you leave no questions unanswered. You’ll know the exact cost of everything you order, meet your client’s budget, and be able to stick to your project project plan.

Benefits of utilizing construction field reports in project management

Here are some of the benefits businesses experience after using construction software to create reports:

1. Enhanced accuracy and reliability of project scheduling and planning

You never want to schedule a project based on guesswork. It’s inaccurate, and you’ll look unprofessional when you inevitably have to approach your client and tell them you can’t meet the deadline.

But when you utilize construction site documentation, you use real-life data from other projects to build an outline of your next project so it goes off exactly the way you imagined it to and delights the client on the other side. 

2. Improved decision-making based on real-time project data

Once construction is underway, a daily field report for construction projects will improve your decision-making by tracking the progress of each team. 

If you find that a certain team is struggling, you add to that team or buy technology that’ll speed up work processes.

3. Early detection and resolution of potential delays and issues

What if a supplier increases the price of cement in the middle of your project?

Depending on your project’s size, you might only learn about it after a week or two. This can wreak havoc on your budget.

With daily construction progress reports, you’ll learn about this price increase immediately, allowing you to negotiate better prices, find a new supplier, or make previsions elsewhere.

4. Increased efficiency and effectiveness of project management processes

When key team members receive regular field reports, it ultimately helps everyone stay on the same page about work being done on-site and improves the chances that a project will come in on time and on budget. 

Analyzing the real data that you base your decisions around eliminates guesswork and estimations. The best part about construction site management reports is that they make everything easy to understand for stakeholders and clients who aren’t that knowledgeable about construction. Everything all in one place can really make a difference for your project!

Create construction field reports with SiteCapture

Construction field reports allows you to build accurate timelines and improve every aspect of the management process since you’re fueling your decisions with real-time data.

With our pre-built templates, collecting information that can be transformed into a custom-branded report has never been easier. In a matter of seconds, you can turn all of your captured photos and data into a simple and organized, yet detailed report that is easily shareable with key stakeholders and clients.

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