In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficiency and streamlined operations are more critical than ever. For solar and real estate businesses, SiteCapture plays an essential part in driving that efficiency. This innovative cloud-based software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize processes, reduce time-consuming tasks, and enhance productivity. Here are some of SiteCapture’s most beloved features and how they can transform your operations.

Customizable Forms and Templates for Site Surveys

The ability to customize site surveys and installation forms and templates is essential for accurate data collection. With SiteCapture, you have the ability to fully design and customize your forms and templates and tailor them to your specific requirements. Leveraging this feature allows Solar project managers and real estate property managers to make informed decisions and keep operations running smoothly.

The flexibility of this feature empowers teams to efficiently gather essential data on a site or property visit to ultimately minimize the need for repeat trips and improve project planning. Whether it’s recording maintenance issues or checking property or job site conditions, SiteCapture’s customizable forms enhance data collection efficiency.

In-App Photo Taking Capabilities

Photos are invaluable in solar projects and real estate property management. They provide a visual record of site conditions, maintenance issues, and project concerns. SiteCapture simplifies this process with its in-app photo-taking capabilities. Team members can capture high-resolution images directly from their mobile devices on a single platform while in the field, eliminating the need for separate cameras or photo management.

Solar project teams can use this feature to document project progress, record site conditions, and ensure that installations meet the highest quality standards. It enhances real-time communication, allowing office teams to see live images from the field and make informed decisions swiftly.

Real estate property managers can use in-app photo-taking to document maintenance issues, property conditions, and resident concerns. The convenience of capturing and sharing images directly from the mobile app enhances communication and speeds up the resolution of maintenance requests and property issues.

SiteCapture camera

Resident Surveys and Inspections

SiteCapture offers a unique time-saving feature. With resident surveys and inspections, project and property managers are able to create customized surveys designed to assess property and job-site conditions remotely.

Managers are able to design survey and inspection forms that align with their specific data collection needs, then remotely send that survey or inspection to a resident to complete themselves and send back to your team. This gets your team critical project information before ever stepping foot on-site or at the property. SiteCapture customers love this feature because they are able to instantly eliminate early job site and property visits.

Resident inspection and site survey

Highly Configurable Custom, Branded PDF Reports

Efficient data collection is only part of the equation; presenting this data effectively is equally important. SiteCapture shines in this aspect with its highly configurable custom, branded PDF reports. Whether you’re in solar or real estate property management, you can create professional, customized reports that reflect your brand and communicate information clearly and impressively to your team and key stakeholders.

With just a click of a button, managers are able to instantly transform all of their project’s photos, data, and information into one clean and organized PDF report that can then be shared to anyone with ease. These custom reports enhance transparency and ensure everyone from, clients to business decision-makers, are well informed. See how Omnidian was able to transform their PDFs to delight their customers in our case study.

PDF Report

Features that Scale Businesses

Efficiency is a shared goal for businesses in the solar and real estate property management industries. SiteCapture addresses this need with its powerful features, making it a must-have tool for operations. Customizable forms and templates for site surveys, in-app photo taking capabilities, resident surveys and inspections, and highly configurable custom, branded PDF reports streamline data collection, enhance communication, and improve decision-making.

To try out some of these top SiteCapture features and see how they elevate your projects, start a 14-day free trial with us today!