This month’s cover story in Constructech Magazine is about mobile strategies in construction. As a teaser, Laura Black, Constructech’s editor, writes:

When it comes to implementing devices or apps at the job site, most contractors will say a strategy is just as important as the type of devices or type of apps chosen. Without a plan for how the data is going to be accessed, consumed, and shared, construction companies could experience inefficient processes and unsecured data.

However, with a solid plan for how data will be used on a job site, the opportunity for improved efficiencies is huge. One of the contractors I spoke with indicates making the move to mobile was a big leap for his company and this was one of the biggest technological changes it has made in the last 10 years. And this company is not alone. Many small-to-medium-sized construction businesses are following suit. There is a big monetary and time expense in terms of buying devices and performing training that goes into preparing all the field workers to use the technology. In the end, however, this particular contractor says the transition has benefited his firm in ways he could have never imagined.

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