When it comes to managing your construction and renovation projects, it can be difficult to organize, delegate, and track progress on your jobs. This can be especially challenging if you are away from the job site and your project data is not consolidated, categorized and visible in a simple way. With the new SiteCapture Renovation Management feature, you can now manage all of your renovations faster and easier than ever.

Traditional Ways of Renovation Management are Outdated

Traditional approaches of estimating, tracking, and reporting on renovations could be a time consuming and chaotic process. Companies today generally have two approaches: 

Completely Ad Hoc

Completely using pen and paper, excel spreadsheets and endless streams of texts and emails. 

Traditional Construction Management Software

Using traditional construction management software products that are complex, dated, and not mobile or cloud enabled.    

The end result of either of these approaches is lack of visibility into the project, disorganization, frustration, extra work all leading to project delays and cost overruns.  

SiteCapture’s easy to use, powerful mobile and cloud based solution is here to help. SiteCapture simplifies the renovation management process, stores all of your information in one place and saves you time and money on every project.

SiteCapture’s NEW Renovation Management Features


With our easy to use mobile app, simply document and capture photos of the items needing replacement or repairs. The SiteCapture app automatically calculates the itemized and total costs for you i.e. painting a room based on the square footage. You can categorize these costs by the type of work and generate slick PDF reports that include photos to easily share.

Project Tracking

Having an accurate idea of the progress of your renovation can help optimize your project. You can assign work to staff and vendors from within the SiteCapture app. During the course of the project, you can remotely track the project’s progress in real-time. Once finished, you can compare before and after photos and estimated and actual costs. Users can then generate comprehensive project reports for the entire project timeline.

Product/Service Pricing

Being able to manage and adjust your customized pricing is a great tool to eliminate manual entry or changes later. SiteCapture will automatically calculate and compare the actual prices to the initial estimates.


Creating reports can feel tedious and time consuming, especially if you are doing them manually. The Renovation Management feature enables you to instantly create beautifully branded reports with photos, estimates, bids, or full project completion data that you can send to your clients. Just one click of a button!

Integrate SiteCapture with your other apps

SiteCapture integrates seamlessly with thousands of other cloud based apps.  If you use Quickbooks, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google calendar, Outlook or any other apps you can integrate SiteCapture in directly to fully automate your workflow.

Try a new approach!

Collecting, consolidating, organizing and tracking your renovation project’s data does not have to be a huge hassle. With SiteCapture you can reduce the stress and streamline the management of all of your construction and renovation projects. It’s never been simpler. Schedule a personalized demo today to get a sneak peek!